Road-Ready Revelry: Mastering the Ultimate Car Shipping Checklist for a Seamless Journey!

Embarking on an auto transport adventure? Hold on to your steering wheel as we present the 'Complete Car Shipping Preparation Checklist for Safe Vehicle Transport' – your roadmap to ensuring your beloved ride arrives at its destination without a hitch (pun intended)!

1/1/20251 min read

1. Thorough Vehicle Inspection:

- Examine exterior paint and interior upholstery for quirks and charm.

- Document all prior damage with the dramatic flair it deserves – bonus points for adding an imaginary backstory.

2. Remove Personal Items and Valuables:

- Bid farewell to your car's secret stash – because who knew a sedan could be so mysterious?

- Double-check the center console, glovebox, trunk for any overlooked treasures – you might find the meaning of life in there.

3. Check Mechanical Components:

- Give your car a spa day with a mechanic – because a happy car performs like a Broadway star.

- Address any issues with a pep talk; who knows, your car might just thank you with a smooth dance routine.

4. Ensure Proper Gas Level and Tires:

- Fill up the gas tank to 1/4 full – your car doesn't need a full tank; it's not auditioning for a Fast and Furious sequel.

- Properly inflate tires, including the spare – because flat tires are so last season.

5. Secure Vehicle Access:

- Hand over that spare key like you're giving away a golden ticket to a blockbuster show.

- Disable the alarm and remove toll tags – we're aiming for a smooth ride, not a surprise symphony of honks.

6. Gather Documentation:

- Have your car's registration, insurance, and title ready – it's like the VIP pass to the automotive red carpet.

- Share documentation and condition report with us upfront – we promise not to critique your car's penmanship.

Trust Ship Vehicles' 5-star rated specialists to guide you through every preparation step with a side of humor. Reach out now to start the process and ensure your car arrives at its destination with a smile. Call 239-273-4649 for a free auto transport quote.