Complete Guide: Shipping Your Vehicle with Personal Belongings

Enterprise Auto Transport offers expert guidance on shipping your vehicle with personal belongings. Discover essential tips, regulations, and preparation steps for a smooth shipping experience.

2/29/20242 min read

Enterprise Auto Transport: Your Guide to Shipping Your Vehicle with Personal Belongings


At Enterprise Auto Transport, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive guidance to our customers. In this detailed guide, we address common inquiries regarding shipping vehicles with personal belongings. Discover essential tips and regulations to ensure a smooth shipping experience.

Can You Ship Your Car with Personal Items?

Understanding the Regulations:

When considering shipping a vehicle with personal items, it's crucial to understand the regulations. While the Department of Transportation doesn't provide specific directives, individual auto transport companies, like Enterprise Auto Transport, set their guidelines.

Enterprise Auto Transport's Policy:

Enterprise Auto Transport allows customers to transport up to 100 pounds of belongings in the trunk or cargo area. However, it's essential to secure items in a single container and ensure front seats and floorboards are free of personal items, except for pre-arranged inclusive rates.

Essential Tips for Shipping with Belongings

Ensuring Safety and Security:

To safeguard your belongings and vehicle during transit, follow these essential tips:

- Secure personal items to prevent movement.

- Conceal belongings below the window line or in the trunk.

- Prioritize driver visibility and safety during loading and unloading.

Understanding Insurance Coverage:

Enterprise Auto Transport's cargo insurance doesn't cover personal items, necessitating additional insurance coverage for your belongings. Ensure you're protected against potential damage or theft during transit.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

Step-by-Step Preparation:

Follow these steps to prepare your vehicle for shipping:

1. Clean your vehicle thoroughly for the pre-shipping condition report.

2. Remove unsecured items from the interior to prevent damage.

3. Take clear photographs of your vehicle's condition before shipping.

4. Deactivate toll tags and alarms to avoid disruptions during transit.

5. Check for fluid leaks and address mechanical issues beforehand.

6. Maintain a quarter tank of gas and remove custom accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Personal Items Insured?

No, personal items shipped in your vehicle are not covered by Enterprise Auto Transport's cargo insurance. Additional insurance is recommended for protection.

Can Furniture Be Transported in a Vehicle?

While some companies may permit it, transporting furniture in a vehicle is generally not recommended. Utilize a reputable moving company for furniture transportation.

What If Personal Items Cause Damage?

Any damage caused by personal items during transit is not covered by the carrier's insurance. Secure items in the trunk or cargo area to minimize risk.