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The first question you’ll want answered is “What is the total cost?”. Obtain quotes from our company and be prepared to provide: · origination/destination · approximate departure date · type of vehicle(s) · type of auto transport service desired (e.g., door-to-door car transport vs. terminal-to-terminal) · special car transport services (e.g., enclosed car transport)



The majority of car transport experiences are worry-free, with your damage-free vehicle arriving at the estimated time. On occasion, a vehicle may become damaged in transit. If this should happen, note all damage on your inspection report (see item above), obtain the driver’s signature, and contact your car transport company. The car carrier should then work with you to reimburse you for verifiable damage done.


After you sign your contract, your car transport company will ALWAYS refer you to the contract for any complaints you may have, including the cost to cancel your shipment. Please note no auto transport company can give a pickup or delivery date until your bid is accepted by a carrier. Even though most cars are delivered by car transport companies within the expected time frame, we cannot guarantee a delivery date. That is the standard industry practice. If you cancel within the allotted window, expect to pay a $50 cancellation fee. The deposit is nonrefundable under any circumstances once the car is dispatched. Although most cars are picked up on the scheduled date or within a few days of that date, a 1 or 2-week delay may occasionally happen. We charge the drivers $50 for every day they are last after 5 days. We do not cover car rental if your car is late.


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