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Here are some common myths customer believe or lies they are being told about booking auto transport.
The broker makes the price
We have trucks in the area
Were giving you an all inclusive rate on the first call
Expedited rates are guaranteed to pick your car up faster

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We strive to educate our customers with knowledge of how the auto transport industry operates. Our reputation has been built around positive, courteous and attentive customer service. Ultimate Auto Shipping is dedicated to making this a stress free process and finding the highest rated carrier for your auto transport needs.
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Fair Pricing

There are many different variables that factor into a car transport rate. Before we get into pricing to ship your car across the country, it is crucial to look at these factors. It is important to know how a customized quote is developed to fit your unique needs. They are:
Size and type of the vehicle.
Proximity to main route
Delivery method
Condition of the vehicle
Season and Time of Year
Availability of drivers

Trust Our Auto Transport Company

For both domestic vehicle transports and overseas moves, our team is there at every step of the shipping process. We take care of all logistics and fees, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the customer.
Our team follows a strict procedure to ensure timely vehicle delivery. Following the initial auto transportation quote, we discuss the process with the customer to clarify all aspects of the shipping procedure.
Enterprise Auto Transport only works with bonded and insured drivers and reputable shipping lines to ensure smooth vehicle shipping services.
For both domestic vehicle transports and overseas moves, our team is there at every step of the shipping process. We take care of all logistics and fees, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the customer.
If you are looking for a trusted domestic or international auto transportation services provider to move your vehicle, provides professional door-to-door auto shipping services at a competitive price. Complete the form on the contact us page or reach us at +1 (651) 200-5297 for a no-obligation free vehicle shipping quote.

There are over 14 different types of auto transport equipment. Each piece of equipment is a different price which is determined only by the driver. Each quote you receive is only an estimate. When you receive an automated quote it does a very general calculation and takes the number of miles travelled and multiplies it by a set price per mile. This is to give a very fast “estimate”. I am not a big fan of auto quotersIn the airline industry it’s easy to get a quote and book a ticket for a set price. That is because customers are going to a terminal and all leaving at the same time and same day in a major city. Auto transport customers are not. They’re picked up from their homes all over the country and all on different dates and times.  Drivers decide their rate based on the distance their truck goes from one pick up to the next. They usually want cars near interstates and want to pick up multiple cars all within a 50 mile radius and all on the same day they call. Since the transport market is always changing the rates fluctuate. A 10 car hauler charges about $.43 cents per mile to $.53 cents per mile. But what happens if there are only a few cars on the load board and not ten?  Then the automated rate needs to be adjusted to put the transport bidder on a smaller piece of equipment. For these reasons when you get an automated quote you always need to call the broker to make sure the automated estimate is correct. 

Things bad brokers say and offer or claims like this on the first call 

  1. We have trucks in the area 
  2. We can pick your car up in the next 24 hours 
  3. We have 50 trucks in the area or the broker names the # of trucks 
  4. A driver just called and had a cancellation. Drivers do not call brokers to tell them they have a cancellation. They look for cars on the load board.  
  5. All Inclusive rates. We covered this the final price comes from the driver. Once he accepts and you agree that is the final price and he cannot per contract ask for more money at delivery 
  6. We have our own trucks. Not one single company in my lead rotation owns any car carrier. 3 out of the 10 companies in my rotation have an F rating with the BBBs 
  7. Expedited rates will get your car picked up faster. This is a lie. The fact of the matter is if your at the right price a driver will accept your car if he is going that way anyway. Never pay expedited fees. That is just extra broker fees to find a driver faster. 
  8. No deposit up front. This one is my favorite because 6/10 brokers use it. I will give an example why this is a bad idea. Let’s say a broker quotes you $1200.00 but finds a driver for $500.00. That means their broker fee is $700.00. The standard broker fee in the industry is $200.00. By paying the broker fee up front you avoid paying more. You have more control over the final price to the driver since you know what the broker is placing your bid for. Also, if you are not charged a fee and they do not find you a driver then they will just say we didn’t charge anything. See how easy it is to not be accountable. If we do not find you a driver you get a refund and since its on your card you are protected by your bank for fraudulent charges. 
  9. I will save more money working with a carrier directly. One question I get asked time and time again is, “Are you a broker or a carrier?” It’s always inevitably followed by my honest answer that I’m a broker, and then that familiar sharp *Click* from the customer hanging up having decided he’s heard enough.  
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Sample Estimates

Car transport costs ~$1 per mile for 1-500 miles.  So, a 350 mile trip would cost $350. The longer the distance, the lower the price:   moving a car ~1000 miles drops it to$.75 cents a mile, or $750.  Coast-to-coast auto transport can be as little as $.40 cents per mile. Please call for a real estimate.


1-500 Miles


/per mile

Short Distance

More than 500 miles




Long Distance

More than 1,000 miles



Cross Country

More than 2,000 miles



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