Fake Reviews

Fake Reviews

I thought I would create a page about reviews in the auto transport industry. It seems that many customers falsely believe that the broker makes the price. In the auto transport world, we work alot like realtors. When you book with a broker you are making a contract with the broker to place bids on your behalf for auto transport. In the real estate industry, realtors do the same thing. When realtors present offers to homeowners on behalf of clients the realtor does not have the final say and cannot make the homeowner sell their home at the offered price. It’s the owners decision just like its the truck drivers decision to accept our bid or not. If a realtor receives a counteroffer from the homeowner and presents it to their buyer no one calls that realtor a scam artist. In our industry we are not awarded that same respect. It’s very unfortunate that even tho we tell our customers the price for transport is not final until the driver accepts the contract they still choose to believe somehow they were bait and switched. When we speak to customers on the telephone we tell them if they receive a counteroffer its their decision to accept or not. If they do not like the drivers offer they are free to cancel or wait until a driver does accept. This was the case with a customer by the name of Marcin  Jungiewicz of Naperville Ilinois. I write this post because of people like him and the many other people who write reviews about our company and other companies which are untruthful and ask that you take these reviews with a grain of salt. Most negative reviews I read about my competitors are simply untrue and its clear the customers do not understand what brokering is.

Here is a review left by one of our customers. I thought I would use this as an example of how customer deliberately lie in their reviews. At the bottom of this review I am posting  a link to the the customers contract. You can see that he agreed to open transport.  I am attaching emails stating he agreed to open transport. Also, I am posting a link showing that his car arrived on time.

We get these type of fake reviews all the time. Sometimes its our competitors writing these fake reviews but what’s sadder is when its your own customer. Read this entire review and our response and decide for yourself whether you can really trust peoples reviews of auto transporters.

Review left by Marcin  Jungiewicz on Transportreviews.com

At the beginning of March 2018 I filled out a request on Uship, a 3rd party website for a quote on transporting a vehicle from California to Illinois. Almost instantly I started receiving text messages, phone calls and email quotes. One of them came from Rena Anders at Enterprise Auto Transport. It was followed by a lengthy email purporting Rena’s Christian roots and business practices. Interestingly most of the quotes oscillated within the same ballpark of a cost of transportation. As a result of further research it turned out that all of those quotes were perfect examples of “bait and switch” scheme widely practiced by these underregulated and unethical Transportation brokers. Another email from Rena followed with a “lesson on transportation industry” paragraph. As I would soon find out this lesson was also devoid of crucial and important details revealing how truly this industry functions. After initial quote was provided from Enterprise on 3/7/18 I decided to book transportation on 3/14/18 with planned pick up of a car on 3/26 in California. After calling Rena I requested Covered Transportation from California to Illinois, which was going to cost $400 extra. The initial quote was for $745-open transport so $1145 was supposed to be the final cost for the Covered Transport. After gathering personal information she immediately charged my credit card a $200 broker fee. I continued contacting her for several days for the Dispatch information. On 3/20 she responded that Dispatch info would be emailed as soon as she gets in the office. When I received the Dispatch sheet she has changed the Type of transport from Covered to OPEN and still charged $1145 for the entire transaction. When I contacted her to correct the issue, she claimed that I did not even have a driver assigned yet 1 week before an agreed pick up time. I reluctantly agreed to transport the car in an OPEN trailer specifying that changes in pricing that occurred to that point were not discussed or authorized, and additionally the change in type of transportation was also unauthorized. She attempted to cancel the transaction at that point. I strongly advise anyone utilizing a broker to maintain an email documentation and minimize any telephone communication. As evidenced by many consumer experiences scams are rampant and this one was no different. The industry is monitored by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and you can contact them with any reports or complaints. Better Business Bureau is another avenue in addition to the State Attorney’s Office and finally a legal counsel is an option to pursue any claims. Continuing to 3/26, my car was picked up 1 day late and delivered 2 days late. Luckily there was no damage to the vehicle albeit time of pick up and delivery can’t be counted on at all. It can’t be overemphasized how important the research is prior to committing to a middle man transportation broker, who fleeces both ends of the transaction- the consumer and the freight company. It’s advisable to deal with Transportation company directly without involvement of any brokers. Lesson learned and advise given: Stay away from Transportation Brokers including Rena Anders and Enterprise Auto Transport!!!

Company Response
From Enterprise Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 4/18/2018 11:02:00 PM

In March of 2018, you did not fill out form and go to Uship.com. You went to Carship.com. I’m sorry you seem to have a problem that we proclaim our faith. Furthemore, your review is not truthful. 80% of your review is about the industry and has nothing to do with your experience of our company. The email about the auto transport industry was actually to get you to understand how things work so we could avoid this type of review. You booked over a week and a half in advance. At time of booking you were told not to expect a dispatch to come thru until the day your car was ready which was 10 days away. Even tho we told you that every single day sometimes multiple times per day you contacted us asking us when we had a driver. Your email and calls were manic in nature demanding your Toyota prius be shipped enclosed. We told you it took time. We stated we did have a driver for open transport but that you would have to pay about the same amount because they were our preferred driver but then you could stop worrying about having a driver. You asked me if I trusted them I said yes. You stated lets just go ahead and go with them then.You then made unusual demands such as requesting us send our drivers information which contains social security numbers and dot #’s to your car dealer and your insurance company. I can’t understand if your review is about the industry baiting and switching or us. Its not possible for us to bait and switch you. There is no benefit to us. We charged you a $200 broker fee. That fee never changed. You want to make it appear to people reading that I pocketed the extra when in fact you paid the driver at delivery the balance. Auto transporters are given a bad rap. We do the same job as a realtor and make bids on your behalf. We don’t own the trucks we are subcontracting out. Its the drivers decision what price to charge and if they give us a counteroffer than its your decision to say yes or not. I told you that you did not have to accept Gigi Lines offer for open but you did because you wanted a driver right now and were impatient and could not wait. I am not sure why you are referencing the BBB or the Attorney General. They would turn away your complaint. I made sure everything with you was in writing. You signed a contract and we have multiple emails from you. Furthermore, you stated your car arrived late. That is also a lie. Your car was to be picked up within +/- 2 days of pick up and arrive within +/- 2 days of delivery. This is on the dispatch sheet you received. So your car arrived on time. Lastly, your car came from California. It drove thru rain, sleet, snow, ice, salt and dirt. I am not sure what you were expecting but this is normal. You bring it to the car wash and wash the car like everyone else does. No one else makes a fuss. I answered every email you sent and responded to all your calls promptly. I want to touch up on the fact why I tried to cancel. It was because the $200 from you was not worth all the problems you were giving me. You were demanding and rude. At no point in time would anyone ever yell at a real estate agent if an owner refused an offer and countered. That is called brokering. The realtor would go to her buyer and present the offer. That is no different than what I did. No one would call the realtor a scam artist because she does not make the price. No brokers do. We only give binding estimates and if the price increases you have the right to refuse.
Here are all the links proving he agreed to the price, signed the contract for open carrier, and that the dispatch sheet showing his car arrived on time. If you are a small business owner you can see why fake reviews like these are so upsetting and hurt small businesses. I know alot of my competitors have to deal with the same problem so my word of advice is don’t believe everything you read.

As a business owner I feel its time to fight back against these fake reviews.