Enterprise Auto Transport is a global supplier of auto transport  solutions. Enterprise Auto was founded by Rena Anders in 2012. Enterprise Auto Transport focuses on delivering luxury cars, classic cars and daily use cars Enterprise Auto Transport has over 10 years experience in the auto transport industry and is Christian owned. We ship cars in the U.S.A. nationwide including to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Also, we ship globally.

Trailer truck transporting new cars on the highway.

Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.

Our commitment to our customers is to
consistently provide quality auto handling
services by dedicated people who deliver results.


Enterprise Auto Transport  customers’ cargo is handled by a motivated owner, who wants to come to work and do a good job, day after day. Our customers appreciate the security of working with a family-owned and family-run company that truly understands and cares about their daily financial challenges of average Americans as well as our own. We treat you how we would like to be treated and try to save every customer money as much as we can. We are not some greedy auto transport company like the majority out there that just fill call centers and seats and just want to make our money. That is dangerous. The large companies have so many customers they do not have time to do quality assurance. Their dispatchers are overwhelmed and put customers with the first driver they can find whether he is good or bad. Our promise is to find you the best price possible with a driver with good ratings and valid insurance. Since 2012 Enterprise Auto Transport has been providing our auto transport customers with a full range of car shipping services with complete IT and telecommunication support in your home, facility or in ours. We are your go-to vehicle shipping service provider.


Enterprise Auto Transport organizes pick-up and shipment for a variety of vehicles and large hauls, including airplanes, boats and recreational vehicles. We can deliver anywhere in the US. Also, we can coordinate your vehicle to be picked up anywhere stateside and brought to the port and coordinate your shipment from the port to the country of your choice.


Our mission is to provide the safe, timely, secure transport of our clients’ vehicles in the most efficient, cost effective & friendly ways possible. High-quality service coupled with personalized one-on-one experiences has been and will always be the objective.


The Enterprise experience is all about providing customers with the best service, results and overall encounter from start to finish. With constant efforts made to improve that experience and ensure it’s the best it can be.

America’s Favorite Car Shipper

Ensure your car reaches its new home with help from Enterprise Auto Transport. For more than 10 years we have provided auto transport services to clients around the world.

Ship Global, Ship Fast

If having your vehicle transported fast is what you need, then all it takes is one call to Enterprise Auto Transport and your auto shipping will be taken care of fast.


Enterprise Auto Transport does not sell personal or confidential information to anyone, for any reason. Enterprise Auto Trnasport maintains software and hardware that protects and safeguards personal, confidential, or proprietary information.