Is there someone out there that can teach me how to haul cars?


This is another question that we are asked on a regular basis. After doing a little research online I was able to find a couple schools that advertise for car hauling training. From what I understand they offer full CDL and car hauling training and they are not cheap. I am making no claims as to the quality of the training because I have never visited them or talked with anyone who has attended. So what about for those drivers that already have a CDL and just want to know how to haul cars?

With that thought in mind and after much discussion with our insurance company and our attorney we have learned that we can begin providing this much needed service. We will not be providing CDL training. It will be car hauling training only. This training would consist of learning how to properly fill out your BOL and how to properly fill out and perform an inspection on the vehicles you haul. You will receive instruction and hands on experience with loading, securing and unloading units. This will include the use of chains, laso straps and 3 point over the tire straps. this will include training on how to properly install and use all three types of securement methods without causing damage to the units you are transporting. There would be two-three weeks of over the road training riding with an experienced car hauler. This would be real world training on the road with a working driver. The loads you would be involved with would involve real customers and real paperwork. You would have the opportunity to deal with all sizes and conditions of vehicles. Upon completion of this training you would have a basic working knowledge of car hauling and depending on your performance you may have the opportunity to lease on with our company as an owner operator. The only requirement our insurance company put forth is that you must have had your CDL for two years before riding in our trucks. Again this is not CDL training and you would not be driving. Please go to the contact page to request information on costs and class dates. If a single minor damage to a vehicle can run from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars imagine how much you will save if you know how to avoid causing damage. Not to mention faster loading and unloading and knowing how to inspect and process your paper work for faster billing and less chance of getting stuck with a damage that you did not do but did not know how to document and inspect for. Car hauling is a steep learning curve even for experienced drivers.

For those of you who are not interested in this longer program we do offer a one day “crash course” with your truck and trailer. We will provide several different vehicle for loading onto your trailer and will go over the basics of paperwork, loading and unloading and properly securing your loads with your specific tie down system. A single damage due to not knowing these things can cost far more than this crash course. The program is simple. Bring your truck and trailer and we provide the load. A flat fee of $375.00, if you have not signed up for our dispatching service, is charged to your credit or debit card and is all the training costs. This is an investment that will pay you back many times over in increased speed of loading as well as reduced damages. If you will be utilizing our dispatch service you will receive a membership rate of $270.00 for the class. If you are leasing on under our authority the training is free.

Safe Driving!!!

This post was republished with permission and was written by Clark Logistics a nationwide dispatch company for carriers only